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I finished Kingdom Hearts II. I saved some completionist stuff for later, but beat the final boss sequence. Fantastic, save for some uber cheapness in the very tail end of the final final boss - all I'm gonna say is mash triangle AND X to win! That and Dark Shield doesn't seem all that useful, despite it's otherwise apparent utility.

Nonetheless, the ending is lovely, the credits classy, the final scene cheery, and the secret preview is unbelievably enticing! I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts III! I mean, ya think, "Where can they go from here?" And then there it is - with just a mere sampling preview - staring you directly in the face and showing that the combined power of Diz and SquareSoft is unassailably awesome.

Heeheehee! Soooo coool!

Oh yeah: 18 Antiforms, 1 Mickey Save, and 100% Gummi Ship completion!