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I can't help but wonder how this stuff is generated

"You couldn't keep the scope and topic of an argument on track if you had a target taped over your eye."

Read it again. Now, think about that. I bet you get what it means - the majority of you who read my posts oughta. What I think is funny is that almost none of you would admit to it (unless begrudgingly).

Even without context, the above statement has obvious meaning, despite the jarring discongruity. To explain why is severe overkill and trivial - all that's important is that the idea connecting the two stands out despite the total logical disconnect.

I think the reason for this is the mind reaches out to understand everything around it, and when presented with stuff that doesn't fit obviously, it will try for less obvious solutions and then latch onto it. Seeing the unapparent requires not latching so fast, but that's another topic altogether.

Yet the majority of people I know can't stand stuff like that. Even though the statement present essentially one, simple meaning, most would refuse to acknowledge they get it; some kinda fear of nonsense becoming comprehensible.

Or perhaps the meaning really is obstructed by the mechanics of language, and the illustrative sense is lost; then I'm wrong, and then simply few are capable of looking at stuff the way I do. I think that's bunk, but whatever, I thought it was funny.
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