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Cool beans - and possibly a spoiler

I just had the best boss fight ever. It was against Xaldin, and I was beating him nicely. I turned into the Anti-Form twice, and died the second time; if you press square while in the anti-form you do an about face and run to the eneny to attack - I wanted to do exactly not that right then. I sighed, since Xaldin had just over half of his last health bar left. Lame. A continue screen pops up as usual - sorta. It said something like I'll Press on! vs It's Game Over. as opposed to Continue vs Game Over; too, you could still see the battle frozen and darker behind the options, not just black. I hadn't saved for a little while, so I figured I'd try again - then Mickey pops out and I was really confused! Running around, I see I'm controlling Mickey! I can attack, cast Pearl (!?) and something else I forgot in my daze. The reaction command is D-Fill, which fills your drive gauge. When Mickey's HP inevitably ran out I thought, "Aww crap, now I gotta continue and lose my save from Mickey." Nope - Sora got up and got at it like usual!!! Seems the third command was heal or something.

So awesome. I got 2 Anti-Form ticks and a Mickey Save. W007!