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Late learning

So I was trying to detangle the intricate details of the 1040A, and that involved me perusing BannerWeb to get needed school tuition info, and there was this funny thing I came across. Seems my Nation Merit Scholarship got cancelled. That peeves me, because I know it is a direct consequence of the mail room forwarding a box full of insanely important and time sensitive documents to my NYC address last summer. (Since the box got forwarded back to it's destination, I guess the USPS threw an error, eventually opened the package to figure out its true destination, fount an Amazon.com purchase, who upon recieving the box had no idea why I wanted to return my CD and politely sent it back to my NYC address. By the time I got the box, all deadlines were overdue.)

Thus I realise now why my loans seemed a tad larger - I lost 2000 dollars from the 'numsquat'. Now I gotta figure out how to get it reinstated, since this actually isn't my fault - and I STILL don't know why all the important stuff gets mailed to NYC. Rose is my permanent address for now, and I happen to know that most of the stuff gets mailed to both locations - save for the documents that apparently really matter.