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Wow, I just got pwnd by morons

So here's the setup. I got my Relativity MKviiA, loaded with 3 warp stabilizers in case someone tries to jam my escape. I was headin' over to mine some stuff that'd sell well, and I had 2 giant cargo containers in my hold. They cost about 275k ISK, so they're worth a bit.

It's a 0.4 security zone, so I expected to find some mean NPCs, but none showed up. W00t, I could drop my container no prob. 'Cept these dudes thought I was an easy mark. And I was - before I realized I had a real problem, they got me.

But here's the best part: now one of the guys asks for money or else! I mean really! He just blew up my ship and broke most of the equipment I had! Now he'll nuke my escape pod?! I got a clone - and they're not expensive! I said I had no reason to surrender ISK to him. Then he said to go away. I eventually did - not much reason to stay. Of note is that there was another guy who also opened fire. He asked ifI had money, but gave no ultimatum. I said I might have enough to buy back my stuff. He said 'kk - sorry about your loss'. I like him.
So I got another Mammoth from my insurance money in short order and headed back - they likely move on to another spot by then, and all I wanted was my container. The NPCs were about, and they were pounding on my ship something awful, but my ship had a metric crap-ton of hull and armor points, so I held out. Just as I got my container in my hold another dude nukes me! Same ultimatum, and I told him 'I got a clone. Go away.' He didn't nuke me, and then told me to 'leave [the cargo container]'. I said no. He seemed peeved - but eventually left!

The first dude was like Are you crazy?! Why'd you come back? I wanted my stuff. I had little to lose - why not?

So the moral: If you want someone's cooperation, don't blow up your leverage! What a bunch of dorks.

I'm gonna go play URU for a while. At least the people aren't stupid there.


How are you liking Until Uru?