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Just a quick update

I don't know who reads this stuff, but I figure I might as well log in current standings.

School's great. I absolutely adore atomic physics - I have waited most of my life to be able to understand this stuff. I may end up doing my laser systems labs by myself, which I hope for - rarely am I given the opportunity to sit down with science alone (it's like curling up with a good book, but in this case lasers). Too, I get to TA a MEMS lab today and following Wednesdays.

For my senior engineering project, I may be able to convince/entice enough EPs/OEs as well as Dr. Bunch to work on improving this touch screen. This is terribly exciting, because the end product will be a blast to use, challenging enough to design, yet very likely within our ability to accomplish.

My EVE Online account is going to be up for review - I may stall it for a month or two. I'm almost burnt out on it - I get to fly my really good ship now, so the next week'll be fun at least. It's a Mammoth, which is in my opinion the best (most good per ISK and skill).

Finally, progress continues on the Hexapod MKIII (MKI could only walk forward, and MKII was scrapped). I feel as though using wire to transmit force is a cheap solution, but to make up for it, the robot will be stronger and cooler looking. Plus, strong thread is technically kosher with Lego designs, so I'm not working outside constraints. The only problem I see is that the beast weighs quite a bit. That shouldn't be much of a problem - there's plenty of power available I think, but I may cop out and attach some springs to the legs to offset the forces (of course, that is also very complicated to set up properly, so it may not be worth the trouble). I'll post pictures of it when I'm done - I'm quite proud of it already.


I am glad that you are having a good quarter. The 'bot looks awesome. It makes me go *squee*.