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No deed of any sort goes unpunished

I know so many interesting things, useful, and likely of the sort that can instantly change most anyone's life in an instant. It's not always elegant, but really it's usually obvious.

But instead, should I simply do what everyone else does? Since really, why spend time working out a solution and workaround when one can simply be vague?

All I know is, my whole life I've never had anybody help me with a personal problem. I've never had someone to whom I could cry or hug - save once when I'm sure I was on the verge of a breakdown (thanks Bill, if this somehow gets to you). Thus I have no idea how others get help - it's outside my experience, I simply don't have those kinds of friends. For me, life's issues can only be problems, and I only know the answers and why.

But no one ever needs that. I cannot describe acutely the pain it brings me to see how 1st Corinthians 13:2 applies to me. And there is no comfort for that. The Bible does assuage the pain a little though. Read some of the stuff by Paul and you'll get why.


those verses were the majority of my fathers wedding (the second one, I was not around for the first)
remembering that often lets me deal with the people around me