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Last day to mismanage time

Too much Xenosaga II... I enjoy it, but I really feel there isn't enough plot. I want to be steeped in a plot so thick and convoluted that it obfuscates Xenosaga I. They never got the knack of getting the NPCs to explain plot - they always cutscene it. I generally don't mind, but it makes gameplay feel pointless. The battle system keeps me coming back though, so yay.

So sleepy, and I got a 8 AM class. Prolly no more raquette ball, but I'll read more. Studying almost seems interesting. At any rate:

EP415-01 3443 Engineering Physics Projects I MTRF/3/D111:TR/8-10/BL110
OE450-01 3427 Laser Systems & Applications MTR/1/D111:W/4-6/DL115
PH325-01 3411 Adv Physics Laboratory I WF/1-3/TBA:MR/2/D112
PH402-01 3412 Intro to Atomic Physics wagner MTRF/4/DL119

I'm a lab assistant for
PH410-01 3414 Intro to MEMS: Fabr and Appl MTR/10/O159:TBA/TBA/TBA
which is crosslsted 8 times.

As a closing thought, I'd like to share my current quandary: do cats have a large enough vocabulary to reason in their heads?

Good night, sleep well friends!