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Darn thingies

Sigh. Stupid S.E.M. filament burnt out again while I was using it. That's twice in essentially a week. That's bad. But don't worry! Machine failure can't be my fault - I was using it properly!!!11 I mean, I spent 25 minutes trying to figure out why it wasn't getting a decent focus padt 7 or 10 thousand times magnification (I can typically get it up to 33k X). And I wasn't running it at the usual 15keV - I started at 5keV and went to 10keV shortly before it blacked out. I even adjusted the aperature for better focus (Scott showed me how to adjust it properly last week.)

So either the machine is running down, or I am a living, breathing curse on all advanced technology. The sputterer's still down and now the SEM's down for the second time in a week. The XRD is functioning well, but I haven't been on that in quite some time; same for the e-beam system.

Flak will be a rainin' down....