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Signalling defeat

There comes a point when you know you're gonna get sick, and it's probably only gonna get worse. I was feeling lousy, and I knew I'd get nothing out of class, so I slept as much as possible. And I might get another nap tonight. My nose is still a little runny with a very slight headache, but my mind isn't as cloudy.

And to prove I was sick, while sleeping I had two wierd dreams. The first involved the police, me looking for a specific shirt, prepping for a large family/friends get-together, and there was an extra black car on my old homes' drive way. I did get that dream even while in it.

The second, though, was somewhat more understandable. It was a quantum mechanics take-home exam, where I had to calculate and use a-dagger properly (and only a-dagger - none of that other operator crap!). Using only a-dagger, I had to solve specific questions to eliminate the components of colossus from Shadow of the Colossus. Imagine a few hours of trying to get that to make sense...