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lab, labs, Labs... LABS!!!!!!

I think I may cry from the raw tediousness of making the stinking lousy good for nothing piece of crap for brains son of a pile of steaming ones and zeros jumbled in some horrid proprietory file format that needs to be converted to an inconvenient UXD file that needed a crap ton of reformating from an array to two simple columns that can be analyzed if imported into LoggerPro so that I can click 'n drag a freaking rectangle and get a single point that can be thrown back into excel for more manipulation and then formatted into a pretty graph.

I hate stupidosity. Bruker's D8 Diffractometer machine is great, and it's software can be useful, but when it comes to saving a freaking set of data points, Bruker has made my life unpleasant. I mean, what kind of .RAW file is formatted in some proprietory format, so that it needs to be changed - and the utility that does it does NOT make Excel compatable files!!! I even got some analysis software for those cruddy .RAW files, and THAT didn't even seem to decode it right!!!!!

Bruker, you stink. I hope you realize that students use you machines, and I hope you teach your programmers some user interfacing/compatability skills. ::weeps from sheer lack of words for wretching pain in soul from tediousness...::