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I'm not even a very good natured person

Quite a few things came to mind to mention, but instead I'll just say the following:

I assume the best of people when possible. For a long time I assumed that the people I hang around with are simply unaware or fail to make the connection that the stuff they say are offensive to certain groups. I figure they simply don't believe the things they say are actually offensive.

I am apparently wrong.

So I am confused as to the proper course of action. As a matter of principle and practice, I do not stay angry long - thus it is difficult for me to remember precisely how much I have been infuriated, enraged, or deeply hurt and offended by the crass insensitivity of comments by those around me (these comments are not limited to those directly pertinent to myself). I do know, though, that it is a large amount, and I'm sure few understand that.

Again, I do not stay angry, and I feel little now. My real problem is how to correct the misconception that offensive comments aren't. It's a stupid stance, and since it requires a total lack of consideration for another group, I seriously question the value of such people. I feel a lot of guilt for not striking back more, or even at all. That my God's name could be mocked with such nonchalance in my presence shows that I am not only a lousy Christian, but I choose lousy people as friends. I am crushed that it took that to wake me to this problem.

But here I am getting angry. So I will stop.


I figured so. Still, you can wear a phrase out. It's not a double reverse good natured joke, it's just using a group as an explitive. Mostly, though, it's that I can't get peace in my own home. Somedays I don't feel like listening to hackneyed ethnic slurrs, and there really isn't anybody who would care.

But it's where I live, and there's nowhere else to go.
If your current living situation drives you so insane, are there not other options for senior year?

I've been putting off a reply to this; truth is, I really like my home here. I come back from staying with family and then relax. There are actually a few alternatives open to me, but I don't feel this is a deal breaker - I still think it can be fixed.

I'm at least a little territorial I suppose :)