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Cairehn Dippity

I would very much like to become a professor of physics. I think that would be very cool. The trick is to get into graduate school. I've got a slightly better than 3 oh GPA, but it seems that may not be much of a problem. I've got a goal of hittin' 3.3 before I graduate - I've a good reason for this goal, so there's actually some impetus to reach it, unlike for the last three years.

It appears that the PHOE dept. has a thing going with Penn State, so I'm going to look into that.

Also, I appear to have enough credits to take the fundamentals of engineering exam. I could be a real engineer before my senior year! W00t! On the other hand, it's going to be the blasted hardest exam ever, so I need to cram big time for this. The next year will be hard, but worth the trouble - I can see a path through the forest. Oh and the PHOE dept essentially pays for the exam, so that's kinda nice (if I took it outside school, it would cost about $300!)

So, things look alright - I need to work hard herein out, but I've now got a reason for it :)


As odd as it sounds, Software Engineers get send the memo about the FE too.
I tried to type in correct English. Close enough.
No worries. And yeah, I'm a physics engineer - I asked and I'm still not sure exactly how they test that.