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Polished rough diamonds

I've been noticing that the really precious things are small gems. They are typically without sequel or comparison. Firefly is an easy mark for this. The Art of Greg Martin starscapes. The HGttG trilogy (and fans may wish to include the remaining two). There's Read or Die OAV and Myst URU and Xenogears. Ico & Shadow of the Colossus are an exception, since both are fantastic and are sequels to eash other. I also think Chrono Trigger Resurrection falls into this category (the music was superbly remixed). Florida's Natural lemonade, too (I swear it exists, but I've only seen it once). The Sharp Zaurus is still kind of a left field item. Kingdom Hearts will likely soon be relegated to simply awesome, when this nutty crossover's sequel removes it's singularity.

These are things of high quality, stuff we wish we had more of, but so fear any tampering may shatter it's rare beauty.

Today, I got the Ico soundtrack in the mail. It's gorgeous and lovely. The reviews nailed it. Worth every cent.
And yet it is only 25 minutes long.

Too, I got Primer. Very interesting, and has been labeled an intellectual thriller. The movie is kinda cerebral, so I plan on subjecting everyone to it at some point.

As always, sleep well!


Actually, Read or Die has an entire anime now called R.O.D. TV. It doesn't feature the characters from the OAV and takes place a few years in the feature, but it's definitely Read or Die. I have it somewhere if you wanna borrow it. It was quite good.
I've seen it, and it is worth the watch, but it's coolness is much more spread out. The first episode is good, but it's rather slow, drawn out. I really liked it, but I think the OAV packed much more into its three episodes.