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Temporally misplaced mirrors

Coming back from Deming, a strangely familiar feeling came over me.
As though I caught a glimpse of a bookmark in my mind, a way-point to a state of mind where I was happy, content, and motivated. Looking across the lake, at the lights, the trees, I gathered that sometime in the past, I wanted to remember how I felt and thought.
I recognize that for sure, but I cannot seem to bridge my current mode of thought with that previous.
Perhaps this is the proof that I do change over time - glimpsing a previous snapshot of myself, it's clear I'm not a completely different person, but it's also more than a different mood.
I hope I can bridge the rift here. I prefer to understand how I get places, and how I work. This may be one of the anchors I left for myself about a year ago.
I need to stave off sleep for another few hours. Maybe I'll feel up to bothering with homework or something.


It's strange that I know exactly what feeling that is, but I can't seem to nail down how to connect to it. I would like to be able to remember how I felt then.

I could certainly use it now.