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So this is some kind of victory. . .

W00t, I got my Füf, and I reorganized my living area accordingly. It's nice and comfy - and it seems I'm gonna need it. I have failed at my goal of straight As, and I figure grades will never matter that much to me, I'm here to be interested and engaged. Getting great grades is immaterial of that. Nonetheless, good grades are well correlated with good understanding, so now that I have a nice comfy space to relax in, I can concentrate better and enjoy some heavy reading - just shootin' for B+'s now.

I also set up my schedule next quarter: 5 lab periods and solid classes 1 to 4 each day. But I'll be generally done by 5th! Which means I'll have tons of time to work on my engineering project - which will undoubtedly involve the TiNi SMA stuff. Yay, I'ma get to be a resident expert on the stuff... So it's like my day ends at 12, but it in fact is just more lab work.

I think it'll be fun though :)

As a side note, I am working to remake my Litestep theme more efficient, cutting out all useless junk. Basically that leaves just a taskbar, which will be hidden. As soon as I find a taskbar module that doesn't fail to update over time, then I'll be set.