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Fun with metafizaks and More on Time-Reversed Infinite Summation

Edit 2204.01.01.2006:
And as I gain on 90 posts, I finally added tags. Apparently, I've only been using LJ since April. It feels like forever, and as I read the past posts, I have actually learned a lot about how I think and change. These tags are a bit of a hopless attempt at order, so I'm opening it to those listed as LJ friends. Please suggest tags if you think it'll sort my inconsistent and fragmented way of thought.
mundane, angst, antiangst, fundamentals, for real, outlook, philosophy, inner thoughts, mindedness, rant, observation, understanding, and More!

Edit 2027.01.01.2006:
Do some cursory rummaging, it would seem that I was essentially right about the reverse time summation thing, though I had never had it explained to me before. What it comes down to is that an antiparticle is identical to a particle reacting backwards in time. Makes sense, since antiprotons are attracted to positive charges, tracing in an exactly opposite way the path traveled by a proton away from another positive charge. For a better understanding of this as well as a rather transparent demonstration of this, see the Wikipedia article on Feynman Diagrams. Interestingly, I think my observation was the direct result of reading way to much about Feynman in short order - the explanation seemed obvious at the time, and I suppose it is. Curious feeling :) Even so, I wonder why we do not adopt an approach that removes antimatter entirely, using instead time reversal. It would perhaps shed an interesting perspective on what goes on. And I'm a time buff, so I'm always thrilled at a new way to look at it! The best part is, I'm not making this stuff up, though I'm far from understanding it - I'm thrilled about this. Yay, life's fun again!

One of the interesting problems I've wanted to understand, aside from what exactly a field is, is if entropy is actually a measurable quantity. We have numerous methods for gauging entropy, and there are formalistic conventions, but I wonder if there it may actually be a property. Entropy is tightly related to time, and I think that may hold a key to understanding the passing of time itself.

Granted, Fabric of the Cosmos does a great job outlining this connection, but I still don't understand why the universe is not odder. Our mathematics dictate that things are tending toward greater levels of medium disorder.

Two interesting thoughts. One is applying information theory to entropy, seeing if we can find enough correlations to build a connection to the way information degrades and transfers and how physics run at its fundamental level. Understanding what is known universally and how the universe understands and processes this information may show that all things are information - I think the idea of the universe as a huge computational matrix is alluring for interpreting meaning into life.

The other thought is, if waveforms interfere backwards in time, perhaps this could explain time's arrow and entropy. If the universe is recursively solving everything, there are a great number of solutions and waveforms that are constantly canceling out of existence. While there will always be an infinite number of solutions available to work upon, reality is constantly solving and removing the potential of alternate solutions. Conversely, built-in uncertainty will slowly replenish unknown solutions.
I think I'll run with these scissors for a while.


If you're going to put timestamps on things, at least put them on so that they work for easy sorting:


hhmm.dd.mm.yyyy may make sense to someone, but really man it is all out of order
That's what I use by default, but in this case the most significant digits are the time, so I reversed the order for because it is easier for the mind to sort *same reason one million is followed by six zeros instead of preceded). For anything official or sortable, though, the other format (with separating dots) would be the more appropriate european standard.