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Ok, on with life.

Here's my updated post. Have fun with that beast. It really is easier to read it from my page (shorter and a more compact: hcidivision17. I updated it so noone would call me on not following up, but I've got the feeling I just scratched the surface of the issue's complexity, and I just don't care enough about it to write all my conclusions down on it; they're just conclusions that can be solved for again later, nothing profound.

Speaking of profound, I'm very tired, and I've got to get up in time to play raquette ball. It's fun, and I get out of the room to do exercise. It's a wholly new precident for me, so I'm very interested to see how long it lasts. Hopefully I learn some sense and extend it to other aspects of exercise and healthful things.

Funny how I can say what I obviously need, but still have no effect on what I do. Makes sense intellectually, can't bash it's way to the heart worth nothin'. That's why the heart is treacherous, but that is a rant for another day.

And no, I have no intention of failing at raquette ball. I hate that little blue ball. I will ensue it is kept in its place. Jerk.