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It proves nothing

Quite tired - this is definately off topic. And the following lacks insight. I have a rather small LJ friends list, so it repeats. But I think I like it that way. I'm rather selective of whose opinions I care about. Anyhow, per imani_cpe's request:

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
1) If inmysocks and anh_irrsinn were spliced together, what would be its name? Jessa
2) Is inmysocks single? Yes?
3) Has clipship dyed their hair? Maybe, is she blond now?
4) Would clipship and guyblade make a good couple? No.
5) Did anh_irrsinn break up with you? No, she seems too stable for nervous break downs.
6) If clipship had a superpower, what would it be? Make stuff - like poof there it is
7) Are inmysocks and clipship going out? -side? Maybe.
8) What mental disorder does anh_irrsinn remind you of? This is too much like throwing rocks in a glass house - she's normal.
9) Thoughts on dmbaty? On occasion.
10) What is inmysocks's shoe size? 12 +-1.5
11) What do you disagree with imani_cpe about? What constitutes evil.
12) Are guyblade and inmysocks married? No. Not legally, nor rationally.
13) Would dmbaty and feveredwritings look good together? Not likely, except in exceptional lighting.
14) Does bcprime travel a lot? Well, commuting does get you nowhere fast.
15) Would you wrestle imani_cpe in jello? Depends on the flavor, and if she was going to hoard it all. . . and it would need to be really plutonic jello.
16) How long would dmbaty dating inmysocks last? Three sentences.
17) Would you make out with anh_irrsinn? Under different circumstances/constraints.
18) Is inmysocks a high school student? Is is too strong a word.
19) What is feveredwritings's favorite band/artist? They May Be Giants!
20) What is imani_cpe allergic to? Angst.
21) Have you ever dated anh_irrsinn? No.
22) What is feveredwritings's favorite color? Blue?
23) Has feveredwritings been to your house/dorm? A time or so.
24) If feveredwritings commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? The real question is what they would be fighting for - the rest would be obvious.
25) How would inmysocks conquer the world? Avoiding the job at all costs.
26) Would anh_irrsinn go out with inmysocks? Woah, no idea.
27) What languages does bcprime speak? At least 3 - English, Latin, and some braille/music.
28) How long have you known dmbaty? 3 months.
29) If feveredwritings and clipship were siamese twins, where would they be joined? False.
30) Could you see bcprime and dmbaty together? Sure, we carpool frequently.


I'm going to start telling people that I'm allergic to angst.
Wow... This is awesome! I'm afraid I'm not very normal, but I do see your point that it might be like throwing rocks in a glass house. ;-)

Thanks for the wonderful laugh this morning. (It definitely makes up for the fact that my car got stuck in the snow this morning... *frown*)