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Some things aren't worth the wait

So I've always wanted to try a Mudslide since I was like 10. And I'm now 21.

It was not very good. bcprime says it was the chocolate sauce, so I figure I'll give alcohol maybe two more chances: a strong drink, and maybe a strong red wine.

I've also always wanted to try a cosmopolitan. Beer, wine, and sugar cocktails are definitely not my thing. Vodka's the only thing that I've been curious about.

Caffeine, though - that stuff never lets me down.


I find that the only alcohol I can tolerate comes in margarita form. Otherwise, it just tastes gross.


I've got Jaeger and a variety of beer sitting in my dorm room, Willing to share some of each (I'm a beer fan, you won't like it most likely, very hopsy)

Naked Dave
I'm probably a social drinker only, but as for me, I think I'd rather stay abstain for the most part.

I mean, what if I'm a sophisticated drunk?! I'd be way past intolerable :)


Alcohol is a much debated topic. My dad was a mean drunk (ancient history thank goodness). My mom refuses to have more than a sip because she believes the stereotype about Native Americans. I honestly don't know if it is true or not, but, as her daughter, I am 1/32 Native American and have suffered no ill-effects from embibing. I enjoy beer with pizza and football, wine with great meals and mixed drinks when I feel like dancing. I don't necessarily feel everyone should drink, but within boundaries, the bible says that wine causes rejoicing and I tend to agree. I don't force my opinions on others, but they are firmly entrenched in respect to myself. If someone is looking to find the form they enjoy, I feel a sense of accomplishment in discovering it with them.