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December 1st, 2010

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Level 26 - +2int, +1wis, -2con

Today I am 26.

Four years ago, my philosophy wore out.Collapse )

Three years ago, I gave up on life.Collapse )

Two years ago, I got a job.Collapse )

One year ago I almost broke even financially.Collapse )

Nine months ago I got a motorcycle.Collapse )

Last month was my first month without fear.Collapse )

But today, I find myself here. I am still idling when there's so much to do. So much to write and design and test and explore. Not to mention a lifetime of loneliness I need to get on about avoiding. And when I work it out, I'm not sure I have enough life left to get it all done.

But I guess I may as well try. Nothing else better to do.