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And the journey draws to a close.

I am in Tampa international right now using their free WiFi. Cool stuff it is. I got to spend some more time with my friends, and experienced enough life to last me a quarter maybe - assuming school does not suck too much too fast. For the moment, I am sipping a Vanilla Creme from Starbucks, and am enjoying the soothing, slow, mass bustle of a very big airport. Oh, and apparently my mailbox is still over 175 megs! I thought it would have fixed itself by now :)

I will update with some of the stuff I came across on my trip as I remember them. A journey you can't remember all at once is always a well spent one :)

When I sign off, I will read my book, and enjoy the flight. See you all later! (Departing 9:40 TPA - 11:55 IND)


Welcome Back

I know you want very much to be a teacher. I just thought you should know that you are already there. I missed you while you were gone. I was listening to a conversation between a couple of mutual friends and was struck by how much more I understand when you are involved. You have the knack of stopping, explaining a concept, and resuming the discussion withough losing A) me; B)the theme of the discussion; C) the forward momentum of the discussion. I'm glad you are home.


Re: Welcome Back

Shocking. I'm normally quite lousy at keeping on topic, and few things come out concise and straight-forward. I'm glad I'm not a rambling, senile fool yet :)