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Obligatory Update

Hi all! I'm in Florida right now. Yes, it is a neener-neener moment. The weather is great, I'm having fun, and things are looking up.

So far, I have taken three flights (take-offs and landings), gone out to spread the Good News to them that can't hear, spent a day with my dad, spent a day with my other/adopted/spiritual dad, crashed and slept, read, gamed (KotOR II), and am updating from a cafe enjoying a cup of the world's best coffee (Jamaican Blue Mountain). Tomorrow, I set out to camp in Ft. Desoto - on west coast - for two days. I am with good friends.

And get this: I passed my courses! I nearly got all Bs! Nothing to brag about of course, but considering that, overall, I did barely enough work to question passing, I'm rather happy. I think I'll go for straight A's this quarter. Never tried that, and I'm feelin' recharged.

I return Friday afternoon, and I have had numerous insightful conversations (I'll remember them over the next few weeks and update them en route :) Enjoy your time, all!


So far I have helped Mom pick out paint, primed and painted the kitchen, stared at the TV, stared at the internet, read a book, fed the dogs, and paced around the house. So now I'm jealous. Plus, I didn't get particularly good grades. Perhaps things will be looking up once the pie starts flowing. In the meantime, I'm glad that you're recharged. But I'm still jealous. Enjoy the camping!