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Obligatory Update

Hi all! I'm in Florida right now. Yes, it is a neener-neener moment. The weather is great, I'm having fun, and things are looking up.

So far, I have taken three flights (take-offs and landings), gone out to spread the Good News to them that can't hear, spent a day with my dad, spent a day with my other/adopted/spiritual dad, crashed and slept, read, gamed (KotOR II), and am updating from a cafe enjoying a cup of the world's best coffee (Jamaican Blue Mountain). Tomorrow, I set out to camp in Ft. Desoto - on west coast - for two days. I am with good friends.

And get this: I passed my courses! I nearly got all Bs! Nothing to brag about of course, but considering that, overall, I did barely enough work to question passing, I'm rather happy. I think I'll go for straight A's this quarter. Never tried that, and I'm feelin' recharged.

I return Friday afternoon, and I have had numerous insightful conversations (I'll remember them over the next few weeks and update them en route :) Enjoy your time, all!


So far I have helped Mom pick out paint, primed and painted the kitchen, stared at the TV, stared at the internet, read a book, fed the dogs, and paced around the house. So now I'm jealous. Plus, I didn't get particularly good grades. Perhaps things will be looking up once the pie starts flowing. In the meantime, I'm glad that you're recharged. But I'm still jealous. Enjoy the camping!

Miss you

I have missed you. I went to supper with a couple of mutual friends on Monday night and really missed your knack for explaining things. We discussed books and since they are both authors I felt I should not stick my oar in, except that I consider myself (possibly erroneously) well read and thus, do have valid comments on writing styles if only from a reader's point of view. I honestly do not consider myself a stupid person in spite of my lack of "higher education." I know that I lack knowledge but when things are properly explained I do "get" them. In my opinion you are already a very good teacher and have missed you ability to break things down to simple terms without losing the complexity of whatever argument you currently presenting. I'm glad to hear that you are striving for As the next term. Hope to see you soon.