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this filled ini ;ast

Woah, my eyes hurt. Actually lids - like I will either sleep or pass out. I am so not used to no sleeping.

At least after Thursday, this quarter will be over. I've already written it off as a loss. Future quarters will require more effort - but I needed the impetus. Somehow, i just couldn't care this time around. for the next few days, i'lll be camping in florida with an old freind.;\ as much as i miss him and his familyu, i fear the meeting - it's been a ;ong time/ i'm a lousy frined, and i hope i can make it up to them somehow. there are others i need to contact - some of whom i haven't seen in over two yeaers; that'll be wierd. 'im glad theat i will have an extra week torecover fro m it. it promises to be drainging..

my hadns are tired. it feels like it takes ttoo much effort to stretch y fingers to all the keys - too many video games and caffiene, not enough sleeo and alive. I need to finish iths shift - i'ma go walk in the nice freezing cold weahter now - it's a welcome change to the rut we've had for a while. g'nite a;;.