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In other news!

A good friend of mine, bcprime, just started to post. Expect pseudo-insightful commentary back-lashing of the highest quality.

It's cold out there gang - wear socks.
Also, the stars have been showing up at night. Enjoy it while it lasts. It's a rare treat to feel a mood that has not been cataloged and disseminated. I plan to take full advantage of this weather some night.

For those of you who have been on the edge of you seats wondering: PVD of NiTi leads to martensite phases at 38 degrees and austenite at 42 degrees, depending on temperature and relative titanium concentration.

O my cow I cannot bring myself to write 12 pages about the scientific community's response to a lake in Cameroon suddenly exploding and killing over 1700 people. You'd think it's be outrageously interesting - and it is. I just can not seem to get into it. Bummer, I really wanted to pass that course, too.


O my cow indeed