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What !fair really is

I wonder whether there's a place for each person to do what they're best at.

Makes me wonder why I'm still at school. All I want is to be a teacher. But Rose's expensive, which is about the only time money may get in the way (teacher's don't make much money.) Philosopher's can't get paid - save for teaching. Engineering's fun, but I'm only really good at ideas and brainstorming. I can implement and conduct experiments as good as most others, but that's not what I'm good for.

My head's always stuck in the clouds. Too bad that's not a valuable skill. Prolly shouldn't've spent so much time working at it.
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Maybe money not the point.

If you really are good at something that you enjoy then do it. Of course money can be an issue but if you cannot get a job doing what you really want to do then get a job that you can tolerate and do what you want to do on your own terms. Is that the only answer? No. But it will serve you until you can come up with a better solution. And there is almost always a better solution waiting for you to find it.