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No clam jokes, please.

When young, we are taught, should our parents have any sense, to not be selfish. Nothin' worse than a selfish kid.
Yet I think there are many things that are selfish that we would not think of as such. That's because selfish is a misleading term. What precisely does it mean? Simple. It's stuff that's self-ish.
Let that sink in lest the meaning evade capture.
Self-ish connotatively self-ish covers a greater amount of stuff than selfishness - self-ish is stuff that is of and/or pertaining to self. Selfish is stuff that pertains to self at the expense of other's convenience, or worse. Yet self-ish should carry the same weight as selfish, since that is what our parents were trying to teach us in the first place (a selfless person is much more useful to society - but that can be debated another time :).

In other news, I have noticed a lack of eclectic music on the radio, and (more importantly) I do not listen to music without distraction. So I was thinking of playing music during the 12-2AM time slot next quarter sometime during the week. Anyone else wanna try for it too? It would be great to put some interesting new songs out there, at least lesser known stuff. I live so close and I'll be up anyhow (I think I night host on Tuesday mornings. Might be a fun way to relax; besides, maybe someone else will enjoy it too. Unfortunately, my collection is dominated by soundtracks (at least a few day's worth), so if any other DJs would be interested in rounding out the selection for late night drivers and insomniacs, get a time slot too. Hopefully we can round out people's tastes a bit :)


Eclectic music? Lissa tipped me off to dublab.com. Some amazing stuff.