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Multidimensional logic is a superset of fuzzy logic

Ok, I was reading Ozy and Millie and one of the strips made a tangential point patently obvious - I've got a way to articulate simply my views on logic:

Logic is not one dimensional, sometimes you have to attack it sideways.

Take the analogy as far as you can, I think the simplicity of the statement and the meaning behind the connection make this analogy complete.
If it seems like nonsense I will provide one example:
Great wisdom is often irrelevant.
Thus it is either profound or meaningless.
Now imagine these two states as two separate points. This defines a one dimensional line defining a scale of relevance or meaning (whatever).
Run with the analogy. For example, Zen would point out that the wisdom is naturally profound folly - and thus it would seem to encompass both points when the line is viewed head on, but since the line viewed head on is simply a point, it lacks a scale - a kind of Zen-ish zero.

Really guys, I don't think this metaphor can be overextended. I've actually wanted to develop a mathematical model for rational logic and reason for sometime. Not that binary logic and venn diagramming - something that intuitively graphically demonstrates the shifts, impacts, and transforms of reason and fuzzy logic that prove that one argument is a valid one using base axioms as the functions evaluated.

Gosh this stuff makes me happy :)


you seem to be able to say these things better than I can
but you are making a point that I always try to make but can never say it in a way that makes any sense
I think that's a first actually :)