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Sometimes you can just stare.

The weather is perfect. Twilight tonight reminded to get out more often, and the night is amazing. The sky's clear despite the ridiculous glare from the school. Stars are visible from Scumm Pond. Really great. I wish I had a long exposure camera.

Best of all, walking through the parking lot, nothing notable came to mind. I'm just rather happy, content.

Clearly something's outta whack. So let's assume I've been happy starting around Monday evening or so, peaking around now. I'd like to track my mood, in case it follows a predictable pattern. Not typically manic depressive (at least not clinically, I think :), I think lack of sleep and extra stress magnify the separation between the modes. Hopefully this can be caught, analyzed, and leveled to Zen stability.

Fortunately, circumstances are helping give me the time to reset my attitude. After the quarter break (like just under a week) I should have a better outlook on life. I should have the right set of personality archetypes collected by the end of the week, spending the next week fine tuning the connection between my temperament and desired quirks and the vacation implementing it. Again, the trick is maintaining the pattern long enough for it to sink in.

I also need to remember to log in before posting. Sorry imani_cpe.