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Shouldn't do this

It's 02:49 and I'm posting on LJ cuz I want something to do. I can't seem to focus on my work, and it all feels so trivial that I can't get motivated to dreg through it.

Kinda wierd really. I mean, you come to Rose-Hulman for the challenge, or some such stuff. But I don't really feel this way. Not that I'm above it, just not challenged in a manner that keeps me awake. The content here is not keeping my brain in high gear, and low gear isn't going to cut it. I could probably almost sleep through here and get straight Cs, but that'd be stupid. I could get straight As, if it were possible for me to focus properly. I can't think of anything to drive forward for; I mean I just want to be a teacher after all, all this other stuff is icing. Too much icing can make you sick, I think they say.

So here I am, neither burnt out nor overworked, and can't seem to get stuff done. The vacation will be great. There will be camping in Florida, flying into Tampa at night, and I'll see a few good friends again, as well as spend some time with my role-model if possible. Perhaps that could be motivation enough. But I'll do that anyhow, so nah.
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