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Always proactively untwist octagonal hippopotamus pants.

inmysocks is right: Ozy and Millie is awesome. Like Calvin and Hobbes, it uses children to heal the gaping holes in our adult psyches. And it's c|_|73. High quality stuff. And yes, I do.

And Shadow of the Colossus is great. And Spiderman 2 is very stress relieving. I have my distractions queued up for some time now. These are all high quality diversions. Maybe it will recharge me so I feel like I can handle the world a bit better now. Escape is good, but I shouldn't feel like I depend on it. Meh, something broke and now I need to fix my attitude toward reality.

For those of you who are keeping record - this is one of those posts that will hallmark a tone shift from earlier posts. I plan on regressing to a more idealistic attitude. I've burnt myself out on trying to solve life's mysteries - I need a vacation from unreality. And I've gotta get onto that whole school-work bandwagon.

Remember if you maintain a personality pattern long enough, and act that way long enough, you become that person. No trick, you just get used to it. Bit more complicated maybe, but the gist is there. The trick is holding the idea long enough. And figuring out exactly how the transition will work. And fabricating the pattern in the mind... Tricky really.


You are what you eat. No really. Think about it.