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I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.

I love that line. Saw Serenity again in the cheaper theater - I really like that film. I normally hate watching movies more than once or twice because I will get bored; most movies lack the depth to withstand my intellectual ADD. Serenity passes - I've seen it four times already (three the first night :).

Just a side note that I thought of during this showing:
There are three types of powerful personalities/temperaments (I'm not sure how deep it must run...):

- Operative - Believes strongly and doesn't know.
- Malcolm - Isn't sure of anything anymore.
- Shepherd - Knows what's going on and chooses to believe.

I aspire to Book I think.

imani_cpe got Shadows of the Colossus today. I need to play that. I look forward to experiencing it.