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Ahh, to get priorities straight.

1 - Saw Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy - Really awesome movie. Any lover of the series will/should agree. All new plot, same great shiny.

2 - Computer is usable again, what with the lousy hard drive breaking again. It's really annoying, since I don't misuse the computer or maltreat it. I do leave it on all the time, though, so I think that's just asking for trouble. I'm going to be nearly paranoid with respect to backing up. I see no reason to care for these junky drives. This is all my fault, but still, it's a laptop, you'd think it could handle a little movement one every few months... Sigh.

3 - Oh yeah, sigh. I apparently have developed the intolerable trait of being impossible to read. When I am under attack, I reflexively try to redirect the blame through humor, but if those around me don't take the hint, I will feel progressively more cornered, and I will then make my stand very clear. I felt I was giving clear signals, but I suppose not. That needs fixing. Oh yeah, and I need to find a way for people to take me seriously; not that way... just so that I'm not mistaken as constantly joking. I hate angsting, but 'tis the curse of introspection... I hope I feel ok enough to sleep, so much for being happy.