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Sleep, perchance to dream

Double lot four is quiet, relatively so at least. Seems Greg, Nate, and Guy are gone for the weekend. The 004 Show may be just Imani and I, but I doubt it. I plan to enjoy it regardless, though the format is becoming stale and uninteresting. Not sure how to fix that aside from being creative, but there's not too much incentive for that anymore. For further boredom, I will be working in the labs the next two days characterizing NiTi and doing a rather bassackwards etching of some stupefyingly thick Si wafers. I am irritated - it was not my idea, and I do not approve of the design, but it's also not my thesis on the line and I think that takes some precedence; but I'm not losing sleep over it again (stupid midnight oxide bake...)

The other day Guy got a missile expansion in Metroid Double Prime that I never remembered getting. Out of sheer curiosity, I hunted down my old game, checked, and it turns out it WAS the ONE I was missing! Thrilling! So I went ahead and beat the final boss(es) and saw the 100% completion ending. W00t.
As for Crystal Chronicles, I need level 3 merchant, tailor, and blacksmith families to get my Ring of Invincibility and Greatest Weapon forged. Bummer. It's up to Phil now, and I'll just keep leveling until I get all the elemental armors and trinkets I can get - I really am in no rush to beat the game.

My LiteStep them has needed to be updated for some time. The modified HackerOS is minimalist with who knows how many loose ends. My goal is to redesign and update the interface with one of my own making. It will have no visible controls initially - I like the empty desktop feel. What I need are some ideas on how to create an interesting yet minimal interface. Metroid" has a cool system, which would be a challenge to implement, but possibly very entertaining (it would go well with my trackball mouse as well). Too, a tweaked HackerOS may do it, with n1c3 transparent menus, but I want to rewrite everything from the ground up - really, it's not that complicated (the tricky part is knowing exactly which modules to load).



yes, the show has problems

You know, we could just defenestrate the current format and do something completely different. I'm getting bored of it, too, and would welcome some creativity. I think a good start would be not having any of our usual segments. We could even play a bit more music if we wanted. I'll put some thought into it and try to come up with ideas. But we shouldn't be locked into things. I mean, it's our show.

One thing annoying about it lately is that the cohesiveness has, for lack of a better word, fallen apart. We don't spend as much time together as a group anymore and I think the show has reflected that. I don't think that will change--I certainly haven't felt particularly welcome lately--but it seems to me, at least, to mean that a different approach is in order.

Re: yes, the show has problems

Well, I don't mean to be a downer. I hope that it's not that you don't feel welcome, but that there's five hosts and three mikes. Our regular segments are cool, but they are only segments - as a magazine cannot be solely made of regular departments, so the show should not be dominated by our signature quirky segments.

I can liven things up, but only if given something of interest to talk about and a mike to do so. I had hoped to do a variety show, where we just find cool stuff and share it with others. Right now we're inventing cool stuff, and frankly we're just not going to invest the time to pump out wildly inventive material. We're nearing that dangerous border where "Uncle Frank is gonna tell that funny story again."

We've essentially done 15 identical shows with different words. We started off goofing around, then we took it seriously. Now it's work. Work is not amusing and the listeners are getting that now. We need to try, but creativity needs no bounds - box it up in a specific format and it suffocates and dies.
I intend to return tonight.
I is here.