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Nothing much really

1) Katamary is at 450k roses and counting.
2) I'm officially dropping Emag, and quite happy with the release of the pressure. I'll be able to work better in Adv. MEMS, which will be nice.
3) Sleep is overtaking me - I seem to be in recoup mode, which means I want to sleep a lot. And I have. It's been nice.
4) It distresses me when people are incapable of seeing another's perspective. No need to be an empath, just not be so much of an intellectual shut-in that they can acknowledge that other viewpoints aren't stupid, flawed as they may in fact be. I know and have met many of these self righteous persons, and sometimes they are quite intelligent - even more depressing. I'll go indepth on Wed. morning probably (this really distresses me).
5) Test to-day/morrow. I'll need to study for it, after a nap. I have an overwhelming need for sleep.

Sleep well friends.