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Sorry for the delay

I'm very bad at being on time as of late. This is a startling trend I have been trying to stop, but my lack of enthusiasm puts it at a low priority. Apathy really is lousy.
But meh. In more interesting news, I will apparently be working on research in the MEMS lab here over the summer. This may be awesome, but think about this: 8-5, M-F, for ten weeks. That means summer vacation will be much harder than school is now, but with the benefit of focusing on one topic. I think it'll be great, since it gives me precious hands on experience. But what of working over the summer for pay? I mean, this position is invaluable as resume material, but what about my credit rating and play cash? I really want to get a car. Does this position get pay? Living expenses will be taken care of, so I hope I will at least get a pittance for the work done.
Oh yeah, and my Sprocket theme is done. Enough goofing off, it's time for Linux.