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Suddenly, it made sense

Controversy rages on: does listening to music help kids learn?

I would tend to say no now. The reason is that music is a distraction. No two ways about it. If you want to tune out your surroundings, use ear plugs and "white" noise (unless you've heard a song so many times it can become strictly background noise). The reason music helps, as I see it, is that when "learning" something that bores the student to tears, music gives the A.D.D. section of their mind something to deal with while the rest can stay on topic; it's like the boredom is poking and pulling the student's attention pleading to look at the shiny over there instead of the dreadfully dull drivel in front of him or her. Now the little brat is occupied with something and will leave the better student part of the mind alone to think in peace and quite.

So in that case music makes the mind quieter still. But if you find something hard to grasp, music will not likely make it easier to understand (save for the element song :)

Now to get back to quietly studying E Mag. . .b