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Enlightening - like a carnival's lights at high noon

Odd update, but it seems to me to be important, and possibly a bit more profound than my usual stylings.

Associative memory does interesting things sometimes. Listening to this song, feeling the fan blowing cool air into my bed, and being completely awake, I was struck with the memory of driving the family car to a friend's house. I remember the bright sunlight (and the car's glass prevented my glasses from tinting up) and the heat the light provided - sunny day. The warmth contrasted nicely with the cool air blowing on medium from the car's air conditioner. The radio is playing some jazz or pop music, fairly loud. This would be a good day, fun and happy.

What struck me though was the nearly exactly parallel thought that my parents would never get divorced - that happened to other kids, and was statistically not likely to happen to me anyway (I mean I never win anything - why would losing be any different?)

I was wrong, and it occurred to me that despite the in depth introspection and analysis of my life that I frequently perform on myself, this particular logical fallacy had never resurfaced to show itself.

The really odd thing is I don't know what to make of it, whether it's ironic, morose, comical, or profound. I feel a bit of each. It's a goofy feeling, really. It makes me smile though, and I'm not sure at all why.


if you take out the glasses and the fan on the bed to trigger it I have had the same thing happen to me.