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Advanced Physics debunking

Protip: If you read the words "quantum tunneling" in a sentence explaining how someone broke the speed of light, someone's trying to hoodwink you.

Quantum tunneling does not imply that space was traversed.  In fact, everything quanta starts from the principles from discontinuity.  That object did NOT travel through space faster than the speed of light, because it did not travel through space.  That's quantum tunneling, got it memorized?


do you mean like this amazing article I just found about how scientists broke relativity by proving that you can go faster than the speed of light?

Scientists break the speed of light barrier!!!

I like being out of hitting distance.
Grrrr.... Yes.
The name's Axel, got it memorized?
Exactly. I want them to hear that, then two spinning axe-wheels come flying down.
So can things quantum tunnel and therefore cause information to *apparently* cross space at faster than the speed of light? I.E., can it make a signal arrive at a star one light year away in only six (objective) months?