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Not even backwards

I came home, and then fell asleep in front of my computer.  Normal sleep pattern it ain't, and I'm not sure how to fix it.  I feel locked in the rhythm from last week, which means I'm tired all day and up all night.  But now, I'm out at 6pm and up by midnight.  Worse yet, I may not want to fix it, as I'm not really sure when I'll have to do something wacky like that again.

And the dreams.  I can always tell when I'm undergoing a shift when I remember fragments of dreams and have to sort out the memories.  Otherwise, I may actually forget that I never needed to worry about the report I failed to do.  Blasted subconscious almost never gives me happy dreams flying in the clouds.  It's all work, troubleshooting, and physically accurate aerodynamics.  Never any magic.

Oh, and acid reflux.  I have to clear my throat a lot, and the coughing hurts.  Sadly, I only left the antacids in my desk.  Whoops.