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The shock and awe approach

Star Trek: The Reboot is really good. As in I am hard-pressed to find anything I disliked about it (Above Iron Man, comparable to Serenity). I'll have to see it again this weekend. As usual, it's the details that make it more than a mere blockbuster sell-out. Look closely at the phasers. Read the warning labels. Note that the nuclear reactor onboard actually has radiation labels. The main screen is a window with a HUD. Spot the plumbing (seriously, the Enterprise doesn't just materialize water at the destination!). Watch the keyboards on the wall consoles fold up. Some of the levels are (far) bigger than 2 stories. There are work crews everywhere - real laborers in uniform. It's upkept, but not pristine. The ship has guns - plenty of them. And they all go "pew-pew". In fact, the sound effects were one of my favorite parts.

Simply glorious.

If we're really good and behave ourselves, we may even get a TV show out of it. Even at a lower production value, it would still be fantastic.


Woo! But, um, Spock Kissyface?
is this one I am supposed to see in theaters to support tv show goodness?
I would recommend it. Plus, it's by Industrial Light and Magic. You'll want to see it on the big screen to get the full impact of the movie.


You smell like a muon!

Well i received the 7th dvd as you'd thought i would. You are hilarious.
You can reply to my email if you even feel like it. I can't wait to check out the other series you've sent. It sounds really cool.