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On the aside

When you hear people throwing out the term 'reboot', keep in mind that what the word actually means is 're-boot-strapping'. Or, in other terms, 'lifting yourself up by the shoelaces again'. Keep in mind that most people don't know how impossible that really is (or even what it means), and please keep in mind that we've already done it a few times. There are some who use the word properly; watch them - they've got some serious !@#% to show us.

We'll no doubt reboot the internet. We will undoubtedly reboot the economy. The powergrid. The transportation system. What it means to be human... eventually, perhaps.

Rebooting is just that razor's edge on the transition from one phase to another. You can't be ready for it, but watch for when it hits. If we're lucky, we'll live through it and see something interesting. Maybe even impossible.