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Kids these days

Vector field calculus - sounds bad,but it isn't really. Unfortunately, it's been a while since I've had to express the rather simple concepts in symbolic notation. I explained the solution to the teacher, and I was right; stupid Maple make me feel like I'm driving a car with only my right ring finger toe and my teeth.

So here's my solution - get better at math. Simply remembering the stuff I learned my freshman year isn't enough. Constant practice is needed. I need a sliderule. Really, head math is fast - and it greatly improves concret cognitive thought. As you all might have noticed, I tend to abstract things anytime I can - underlying conceptual form interests me in no small part because abstract thought comes easily to me. Concrete stuff like numbers bore me to the point that I can't actually hold my concentration still long enough to solve/analyze it (and you also know perfectly well that while numerical concepts are indeed highly abstract thought patterns, that's not the kind of abstract thought I'm talking about.)

Thus my problem - I think a slide rule is just the calculator I need. Unfortunately, they are expensive. I want one like a friend's: white plastic-overed wood with a clear slider with a thin line and a center rule that slides smooth but snugly. Really, once you hold one of these, you can't get anything less. You can even get a specific type on the dial/outer ring of your watch (EB6 flight scheme - speed,dist,time & conversions like units,multiplication,division - the D and C scales). They lack the S scale, though, which is good for calculating sines and cosines - something that I could really use. So I'm not sure what to do. Ideally, I would like this as something that is more convenient to carry around than a TI - like in a leather belt clip (quite common despite the silly similarity to a large pocket knife case).

Any ideas?
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