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The only thing more boring than playing Eve is using the internet at the same time waiting for a video to buffer. It sounds like it nets a reduction in boredom, but that's like saying progress bars are improved if you're given more to wait for. And one of the progress bars is chewing up the bandwidth that the other progress bar needs in order to be entertaining.

Sure, there's more of nothing to do, but it's still not much.


Maybe you shouldn't play that game anymore.
I figure I'll play it until the five day trial expires (two days skipped already) or until my Mammoth industrial gets into a scrap with fleet of pirates and blows up. That way it's 'exciting'.
For some (free) major time sinks, try one or more of the following:
skyrates.net, a resource trading/aerial combat game (with Tail Spin style anthromorphs)
www.nexuswar.com, a post-apocalyptic angels vs. demons pvp mmorpg
www.playnileonline.com, a resource trading game
www.epicmafia.com, a place to play the classic party game in a chat room setting and with scores of power roles thrown in

If you just need a quick burst of time wasting and haven't done so already, check out:
www.playauditorium.com, the most relaxing flash game I've ever played.*

I don't know if any of these will solve you progress bar problem, but I thought it couldn't hurt to give it a try.

*Also has its moments of frustration.
Auditorium is a fantastic game, combining particle physics with a reactive soundtrack. Pure win.