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On serendipity and good things

I now have a place to live. I was chatting with one of the workers inspecting as glass went by, who told me they had a room I could rent, and I said I would stop by and see it (the apartment I wanted wasn't too great, really). She's like a grandmother, and the 'room' was more like a wing of her home. There are two rather fun dogs, it's waterfront, fire pit in the back, kayak on the dock, a spacious garage, only 15min out of town, and the stars. Oh the stars. I could cry for the view from the nearby bridge.

With full utilities, it was still less than the special offer lease I was going to get. And it's a beautiful home. Like a real home, which I may need to buy if/when she goes back to CA.

Did I mention it's just outside Eureka? How perfect is that?


Wow, you really fell into the good life.
I didn't know they had water in Texas. Or stars.
They've just got one star, actually.
Texas has over 600 miles of coastline and over 6700 square miles of water area. http://www.texasalmanac.com/environment/