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Last resorts

Everybody knows that I've forgotten how to wake up in the morning. It tends to be so jarring that I put off sleeping - the best I can describe it is as a Pan Glactic Gargleblaster to the psyche. Unfortunately, I also seem incapable of waking slowly; snoozing doesn't work, since when I get up all I want is to fall back asleep. So I'm going to try something different.

More precisely something I used to do. Wake up fast. For high school, I needed to get up early (04:50) and catch a bus (05:45), so I learned to get out of bed quickly. Jeez those days hurt, but it worked I guess.

So. My speakers are duct taped to prevent me from unplugging them (short of ripping the cords apart). The computer is inconveniently placed so that I not only have to get out of bed, but also put on my glasses to unlock it. The computer is scheduled to lock itself, unmute, and set the volume. At 07:50 it plays a winamp playlist of songs I would not mind waking up to.

So, I can't sleep through the alarm, since I hate disturbing my roomies. But I also need light to wake up by - brightness would be a plus. Thus my next step is to get a timer and lamp for my bed area, set to go off at 07:50. I also need to start drinking coffee in the morning. I think that would get me awake fast, and if I go to sleep by 12:3- or one, I'll get plenty of sleep.

Please note that until I get used to waking once and staying up, I will not be a fun guy - not until the coffee sets in. Never was a morning person, cuz I hate mornings. So as a warning, don't make yourself a part of the morning - I'm an awful grouch right after I wake up.
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