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I can't wait for the sequel

Portal Prelude is an impressive mod. The rooms are great, and have just the right amount of swearing and creative puzzle thinking that I enjoyed from the original Portal. The very end of the game is somewhat unfulfilling, and the voice actors sound like they were forced out of a text-to-speech synthesizer on the fly (which is to say, of course, that they were). On the other hand, the design of chambers 18 and 19 are superb, and I hope that rooms of that complexity show up in the official Portal 2. They are a challenge, but as the authors stated, there are not wonky tricks - just straight up portalin'.

If you have beaten Portal, I strongly recommend this mod. The voice actors are distracting and somewhat lame, but the puzzles are to die for.


And yes, you will die. By the end, I was afraid to open doors, for fear an iTurret would try to be my friend.