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I got a job offer, and it's a pretty great one. I may need to accept it...


Yay! I knew you'd get what you deserved sooner or later.
What's the job? Where will you be?
Guardian - Process Engineer. Corsicana, TX. (Think Terre Haute without the colleges)
So that looks to be about an hour south of Dallas?
That sounds about right. Corsicana is, frankly, in the middle of nowhere. But it is in the middle, I like driving, and gas is cheap again :)
You need to come through Terre Haute before you start. I am serious.
All my stuff's still there, actually. I suspect I will be there in a few days and wait for the paperwork in the Haute.
Speaking on behalf of the internet: "Pics or it didn't happen".
Oh my. I lol'd.
I may need to post the offer letter when I get it, assuming it's not too detailed.

But yeah, I'm going to hold a slight bit in reserve till I actually get it in writing.
You can always magically black portions out in the letter you post. In fact, I recommend it. Except only black out the silly stuff. Like every article in the letter, such as 'the' and 'a'.
Death to all adverbs!
Huzzah!!! Come visit.... and hear the news
What news? Something happen?

Wait, something's always happening...
about the cleanroom
Oh, I know nothing about what's going on at RHIT - I hope it's nothing bad...