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Ur doin' it wrong

That's all I can say without bursting a blood vessel in my head.


"That's all I can say without bursting a blood vessel in my head."

I as recall, I don't think Moses was able to say anything. He just through the nearest thing down at the ground in disgust.
It's a freakin' golden calf! I mean, come on. This is Biblical No-Nos 101. I'm shocked people weren't keeping a distance for the nigh-inevitable smiting. It's like someone organized a spontaneous reenactment of a scene from Dogma and forgot to make it a joke, and we didn't get to see angels of death murder them all in laughter an merriment. But I digress...

And they were praying for riches. In public. To a golden calf. I think you lose the credentials to call yourself a Christian somewhere along the way.

Holy crap, how is it this sort of insane display of logical disconnect has become a viable public act?!
To be fair, it wasn't gold; it was bronze. Now, I can understand your sentiment if they'd been worshiping, say, silver, but bronze? That's the loser's precious metal. Hell, it isn't even that precious.

What I'm really disappointed in are the worshipers. They should know that a bronze calf will never get them what they need, they should be worshiping the invisible hand of the market directly. Or something...
You raise a good point, but I still hold that all it implies is that they're still doing it wrong. Imagine how insulted God ought to be from people who don't even have the decency to foolishly worship him wrong with something precious, but instead chose a cheap, mass produced knockoff.

As for their methods, they were trying to get close to said hand, since they were visiting the head quarters of major financial firms. Idiotically, they should have realized the gods of market forces only listen to sacrifices of cold, hard cash (or credit). The Great Free Market couldn't give a crap about the prayers and pleadings of its serfs.

In short, they were totally worshiping the wrong god or worshiping the right one totally wrong.